ZheJiang Cowin Fastech CO.,Ltd (Supplier)
ZheJiang Cowin Fastech CO.,Ltd
Founded in 2011, ZheJiang Cowin Fastech Co., Ltd. covers the area of 130 mu (about 86,700 square meters). Located in Ganyao Industrial City of Jiashan County, it is mainly engaged in the R&D, manufacture and marketing of high-end fasteners and precision parts. Especially in the professional production of automotive industry, engineering machinery and high- strength non- standard bolts, it has invested dozens of sets of brand-new imported equipment. The company is located in the core region among Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, and adjacent with Shenjia Lake highway, thus it is close to supporting clients of all levels, and quite convenient to transport, leading a superior on-time supply. Company origin: As an affiliated company, Taiwan Shangyu Group is one of the principal shareholders of ZheJiang Cowin Fastech CO.,Ltd. Both companies have been working in harmony of the division and cooperation, getting the integration of the resources, thus leading to a powerful centralism. They promise to provide the best fastener resolutions to all the domestic and overseas clients. Basic information of the Company Plant location: Ganyao Industrial City, Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province (near Xitang Historic Town) Total investment: USD 85,000,000 Total area: 330mu (220,000 M2) Registered capital: USD 30,000,000 (first phase) Area of first phase: 130mu (86,700 M2) Products: high-end fastener complete sets for automobiles>aerospace fasteners > biomedical automobiles Capacity planning: assumed to reach 2,400tons/month >28,800tons/month
Main Products
Standard Fastener:hex bolts,Wheel bolts,Flange bolts; Flange bolts:Hexagon head bolt,Hexagon socket head bolt,Hexagon flange bolt with bearing surface and tooth ,Hexagon flange bolt ,Stud bolt ,Outer plum bolt ,Inter plum bolt , Wheel bolt,Adhesive bolt
The Most Competitive Products
hex bolts,Wheel bolts,Flange bolts;Hexagon head bolt,Hexagon socket head bolt,Hexagon flange bolt with bearing surface and tooth
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