Focus Machinery Co., Ltd. (Supplier)
Focus Machinery Co., Ltd.
Focus Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in 2008. We are a leading manufacturer of fastener packaging machines in China. With professional technical team and experienced sales team, we are excellent in providing fastener packaging solutions and manufacturing whole set packaging systems.
Main Products
Our packing systems are mainly for packing hardware and fastener, such as screw, nail, nut, bolt, washer, etc.into bags or boxes. Our production line mainly includes below: (1).Dual Cartonning System (2).Bagging System (3).Bagging Cartonning System (4).Counting Packing System (5).Large weight Carton Packing System (6).Electromagnetic Paralleling Cartonning System (7).Box Conveying and Strapping System
The Most Competitive Products
*Our bagging system that can pack hardware and fastener into bags with maximum 40bags per minute. *Our large weight carton packing system that can pack 15kg to 25kg hardware into cartons automatically with about 2 to 6 cartons per minute. *Our cartonning system that can automatically pack hardware into boxes with maximum30 boxes/minute.
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Focus Machinery Co., Ltd.
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