Yuyao Yuxin Fastener Systems Co., Ltd.
Main products: Hollow wall anchor Wedge anchor Nylon anchor Sleeve anchor
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20 years
Company Introduction
For so long time, Yuxin Fastener is an adherent of professional product and excellent service on Expanding Anchors & Fasteners field.Our quality products, prompt delivery, and competitive pricing give our customers the advantage,also the foundation stone for opening the market.The company dedicate its innovation of service and product to gain us much praise from the customers.In the market of European and American and Asia, we develop the new product and new service closing our customer to satisfy the customers.We also have the ISO 9001 Certificate (TUV), and push the 5S managing systems, to realize "quality stability, technique innovation, keep improving customers' satisfaction and feedback to our customer after independent". Our products:sleeve anchor, wedge anchor, drop in anchor, chemical anchor, hex coupling nut, round coupling nut, brass anchor, stud anchor, hollow wall anchor, hollow wall anchor tooling, shield anchor, heavy duty anchor, spring toggle, gravity toggle, strut nut, spring nut, concrete screw, metal hit anchor, split drive anchor, bolt anchor, heavy duty steel sleeve anchor, metal frame anchor, saw anchor, christmas tree anchor, express nail anchor, key anchor, ceiling anchor, safety nail anchor, nylon window anchor, nylon hammer drive anchor, nylon frame anchor, hammer drive plastic anchor, nylon wall plug, nylon nail anchor, plastic toggle anchor, nylon anchor, plastic anchor, nylon ealy drive anchor, pe hollow wall plug, nylon universal plug, nylon hammer anchor body only, nylon plug, steel plug, nylon cable tie holder, nylon washer, plastic washer, plastic tree, cut anchor, hammer drive anchor, zinc alloy hit anchor, lag screw shield anchor, easy drive anchor zinc alloy, lead wood screw anchor, double expansion anchor, single expansion anchor, machine screw anchor, eye screw, U-bolt, pig tail.