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    Wenzhou Lituo Hardware Co.,Ltd.
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    No. 124 lane,Zhongxin Longwan village, Yao Xi Town, Longwag Road,n District, Wenzhou 11
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Professional production of hollow non-standard parts

Wenzhou Rio Tinto specializes in producing hollow non-standard parts

Our company specializes in producing high quality hollow non-standard screw in large quantities for a long time.

The professional products of Wenzhou Rio Tinto Co., Ltd. are:

Lighting Accessories (Crystal Hanging Basket, Lighting Basket Connector, Lighting Nut, Non-standard Special-shaped Customized)

Steam and motorcycle accessories (hollow screw nut, step screw nut, taper screw)

Special-shaped screw (bend, multi-bend, flat, round, cylindrical,)

Non-standard nuts, high-difficulty and high-precision products