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China Fastener Info Since 1998 The Most Popular Fastener Media in China = Website + Magazine + Training Center + Trade Show, leading the new fashion of China fastener industry!

  • www.chinaFastenerinfo.net: Over 62,000 registered members online, visitors from over 270 regions in China and over 160 overseas countries and regions.
  • Fastener Quarterly Magazine, supported by China Fastener Standardization Technical Committee, is industry people’s favorite magazine with the largest circulation.
  • China Fastener Directory (CFD), the most popular English fastener magazine in China, is for free on line and at more than 12 international exhibitions distributed per issue.
  • China Fastener Info Training Center organized by China Fastener Standardization Technical Committee and supported by major fastener associations is the first fastener training center in China.
  • Fastener Trade Show, organized by China Fastener Info, is a large international professional fastener exhibition, a grand festival for buyers and suppliers, the indicator and barometer of the development of China fastener industry.


Over 62,000 buyer and supplier members, China Fastener Info has accumulated strong database of buyers and suppliers, which lays a solid foundation for a B2B and "point-to-point" fastener exhibition. On the one hand it ensures that suppliers can not only exhibit their products, but also communicate and negotiate with buyers effectively to reach business agreement and establish strategic partnership; on the other hand it guarantees that buyers are not just to walk from booth to booth, but to purchase the most suitable and excellent products.

China Fastener Info creates a great many business opportunities for fastener buyers and suppliers through integrating supply information and optimizing purchasing channel. More and more fastener users and buyers from various industries register as members at both www.chinaFastenerinfo.com and www.chinaFastenerinfo.net. At present, the buyer members account for 45% of the total members. There is no doubt that the number of buyers is larger than that of suppliers. For many buyers have not registered as buyer members yet, it is expected that the number of buyer members will keep increasing and will take up the larger percentage of total members.

According to our survey, fastener suppliers, supporting enterprises, related organizations, various industrial people and buyers from home and abroad have all benefited a lot from the platform of China Fastener Info, which makes it become the most popular fastener media in China.

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