Carbon Steel Zinc Plated Wafer Head Self Drilling Screw Truss Head Wood Screws
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Time : 2024-07-09
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#8 #10 M4.2 M4.8 Galvanised Sheet Metal Self Drilling Screws Phillips Wafer Modified Truss Head Tek Screws A truss self-drilling screw is a type of fastener commonly used in construction and metalworking applications. It is designed for attaching metal to metal or metal to wood without the need for pre-drilling holes. The term "truss" in the name refers to its suitability for connecting truss plates or truss assemblies in roofing and construction. button head self drilling screw modified wafer truss head screws 8 x 1/2 K-LATH modified truss head screws are with large round head, can efficaciously avoid the application boards crack and getting to protect the sheets. Besides the screws head thick is thinner and will not influence other accessories working. * 【Easy operation】 M4.2 screws can be drilled directly, which is very safe and easy to operate, which greatly saves construction time, and you can use it with confidence. * 【Not easy to loose】 Truss head screw has higher maintenance power than ordinary screws, and it is not easy to loose for a long time. * 【Sharp drilling tails】 These self-tapping screws have sharp drilling tails, no additional processing is required, and they are very simple and fast. * 【High quality】 Self-drilling screw is made of 100% brand new and high quality galvanized iron material, durable, not easy to rust, and long service life. * 【Precautions】 Truss head screw is very suitable for fixing colored steel plates or for simple construction of thin plates. But these screws cannot be used for bonding between metals.
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