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Industrial Fasteners Institute (IFI) Elects New Chairman and Vice Chairman
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INDEPENDENCE, OHIO – The Industrial Fasteners Institute (IFI), held its Annual Meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on March 13-15, 2022.


The newly elected Chairman for the period 2022-2023 is Mr. Jeff Liter of Wrought Washer Mfg., Inc.; and the newly elected Vice Chairman is Mr. Gene Simpson of Semblex Corporation.


In addition to Mr. Liter and Mr. Simpson, the Board of Directors also includes:


·   Dan Curtis, MacLean-Fogg Company

·   David Monti, Fall River Manufacturing Co., Inc.

·   Don George, Michigan Metal Coatings Company

·   Edward Lumm, Shannon Precision Fastener, LLC

·   Khinlay Maung, Consolidated Aerospace Manufacturing

·   Larry Valeriano, Avantus Fasteners

·   Michele Clarke, Valley Forge & Bolt Mfg.

·   Ryan Surber, ATF, Inc.

·   Steven Sherman, Industrial Rivet & Fastener



Division Chairs for IFI are:


Div. I – Industrial Products:  Brian Prodoehl, Valley Fastener Group, LLC.

Div. II – Aerospace Fastener Products:  Bob Gurrola, Howmet Fastening Systems

Div. III – Automotive Industry Fastener Group:  Kevin Vollmert, ITW Shakeproof Automotive

Associate Suppliers’ Division:  Don George, Michigan Metal Coatings Company


About IFI


Industrial Fasteners Institute, headquartered in Independence, Ohio, is an Association of the leading North American manufacturers of bolts, nuts, screws, rivets, pins, washers, and a myriad of custom formed parts. Suppliers of materials, machinery, equipment and engineered services, are Associate Members of the Institute. IFI membership currently stands at 73 Company Members and 50 Associate Members.


For over 80 years, IFI’s fastener manufacturing member companies have combined their skills and knowledge to advance the technology and application engineering of fasteners and formed parts through planned programs of research and education. Users of fasteners and formed parts in all industries benefit from the continuing design, manufacturing, and application advances made by the Industrial Fasteners Institute membership.


Source: Industrial Fasteners Institute

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